© Maria Safronova Wahlström

05.09.20 – 27.09.20
Galleri Öbergska, Öbergska huset, Brattenvägen 7, Styrsö

Klara Källström + Thobias Fäldt
Klængur Gunnarsson
Maria Safronova Wahlström
Johannes Wahlström
Josef Mellergård
Una Sigtryggsdòttir

“Each year Swedish fishermen catch 200 000 tons of fish in our seas. This is enough to feed the entire population, but it doesn’t. The global distribution chains that surround our internationalised market have made it more profitable to export locally caught fish, often for fishmeal, while simultaneously buying imported fish from all over the world.
In the exhibition “The Intermediary Chains” the artists reflect on the role of intermediaries in society, why we can no longer meet without them and what it would take to feed the multitude with the fish at hand.”