© Hasselblad Foundation / B-B-B-Books / Beijing Silvermine 北京银矿

Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt in collaboration with Thomas Sauvin have been awarded Hasselblad Foundation’s large Photo Book Grant of 2021 for On This Day.

“On This Day revolves around two archives; one consists of a collection of date-stamped everyday images from Beijing, China, taken between 1985 and 2005. The other archive is the American website onthisday.com, which maintains a daily register of interesting world events – seen from an American perspective. The artists have paired the date-stamped images with events of that day from the website. There is an interesting clash in the combination of the amateur photography archive from China and random events in the west. The book’s design will allude to archive aesthetics and we look forward to an innovative approach to the photo book genre.”

The book will be designed by Axel von Friesen and Michael Evidon and jointly published by B-B-B-Books and Beijing Silvermine. On This Day well be shown at Galleri Format in Malmö between 8 May and 12 June 2021.


© Barthélémy Garcia / FG2

Barthélémy Garcia
FSDNS KLSSR – A Collective Decision

FG2 presents its eight exhibition at Föreningsgatan 2 in Gothenburg.
Opening: Friday 13 November at 13:00

In 2020, Barthélémy Garcia received the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Assistant Grant with Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt. The exhibition is a result of their collaboration, together with Johannes Wahlström.

Exhibition period: 13 November – 13 December 2020

The predominant decor and subject of Barthélémy Garcia’s work is the city, illustrated by his ongoing project Fasadens Kulisser, The Facades’ Coulisses, which includes his current exhibition FSNDS KLSSR – Ett kollektivt beslut, (a collective decision) shown at FG2.

In his artistic practice, Garcia departs from the idea that ​​the material itself carries significance. He believes that objects possess an independent existence extending beyond the meaning we humans attribute to them. The starting point for FSNDS KLSSR – A collective decision is an exploration of the material, with the camera aimed at the city. The photographer’s suggestive gaze captures its social and physical distance, while being in the position of a bicycle messenger moving through today’s gig economy.

Urban landscapes have a longer lifespan than us, humans, and form the matrix for the objects produced in our society. Our lives are closely connected with things. Decisions about our living environment are made in spaces that are generally not considered ‘political’ — it’s the material that plays a decisive role here.

The amassment of everything that man produced from wood, glass, plastic, metal, brick, asphalt and concrete last year, would exceed the total weight of the entire biosphere; all that is living on earth. The exhibition at FG2 invites us to focus our attention on various aspects of our physical milieu — aspects that we are rarely conscious of, despite the impact they have on our lives.

Barthélémy Garcia (1985) is a French-born artist from Pertuis who has been based in the Swedish city of Gothenburg since 2011. He completed his BFA and MFA in Photography at Valand Academy after having studied Art history and Archeology in Aix-en-Provence. Garcia addresses life through — often mundane — materials and objects. During his time at Valand he developed a mild obsession with a radiator, subsequently expanding to AC’s, cell towers, artificial grass, roofs and supermarkets. His work is intellectually inspired, carried out intuitively, and, more often than not, includes misplaced academic quotes.

Other participating artists in the exhibition are Gabriel Nils Edvinsson and Ksenia Yurkova.

The exhibition was realized with the support of Albért Faus, Una Sigtryggsdottir, Christoffer Rutström, Maria Safronova Wahlström, Anne Grietje Franssen and Nadén arkitektur och snickeri.



A sneak peek of Klara, Thobias and Johannes new work Everybody Hurts, a one-day exhibition at FG2, on Tuesday, November 3 (The same day as the 2020 United States presidential election)


© Per Nadén

Drawing for upcoming exhibition, a collaboration with Per Nadén and Johannes Wahlström, at Röhsska museet in 2021


© Madara Gritane / Latvian Centre For Contemporary Art

25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners. 2015-2020
339 cm x 254 cm

Survival Kit 11 Festival
Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art- LCCA


Opening: 04.09.2020 © Survival Kit Festival

25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners. 2015-2020: Klara Källström & Thobias
Curator: Katia Krupennikova
Venue: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art- LCCA
Exhibition within the framework of Survival Kit 11 Festival

In 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt follow up on the media depiction of the Greek crisis, continuing an ongoing project that started with Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis in 2011.

The vantage point for 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners is a fake news story published a number of major European news outlets. The headlines exclaimed that the Evangelismos Hospital in Athens had 45 employed gardeners but no garden, and this came to be a perfect metaphor for a stereotype of Greek wastefulness, one of the presumed reasons behind the Greek economic crisis. The truth of the matter was that the hospital indeed had no garden, but neither did it have any gardeners. Upon closer inspection, it did however have 25 lemon trees.

In the early morning of June 27, 2015, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that a referendum was to be held on whether the country should accept the bailout conditions proposed on June 25 by the Troika. The polls published by the European media prior to the referendum showed a clear lead for the “Yes” vote. However, they were all unexpectedly proven wrong, as “No” won by a landslide. Regardless, with some good old strong-arming, the “No” was turned in to a “Yes”, and austerity was implemented.

During the first half of 2015, the media reported on the presumed likelihood of a Grexit. After the Greek bailout referendum, the focus shifted to the refugee crisis—up until June 23, 2016, that is, when the UK voted for Brexit. Concluding the project, 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners carries a photograph taken on the day of Brexit, when Källström and Fäldt found themselves anew in Greece—this time at the port of Kavala, where thousands of refugees had set foot throughout the preceding year.

On January 31, 2020, the Brexit came into force and the UK membership of EU ended. On the same day, the first case of Corona virus in the UK was confirmed.


© Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Klara and Thobias are part of this year’s edition of Survival Kit Festival at Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art – LCCA in Riga, entitled Being Safe is Scary and curated by Katia Krupennikova.

“The international contemporary art festival Survival Kit was born in 2009 as a reaction to the austerity caused by the economic crisis and has since continued to invite people to respond to changes taking place in the modern-day world and to reflect on various survival strategies.”

September 4 – October 4, 2020


© Galleri Öbergska

Tråg (2020)

Johannes Wahlström, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

The work is a part of the exhibition THE INTERMEDIARY CHAINS presented at Galleri Öbergska, Gothenburg, Sweden.


© Maria Safronova Wahlström

05.09.20 – 27.09.20
Galleri Öbergska, Öbergska huset, Brattenvägen 7, Styrsö

Klara Källström + Thobias Fäldt
Klængur Gunnarsson
Maria Safronova Wahlström
Johannes Wahlström
Josef Mellergård
Una Sigtryggsdòttir

“Each year Swedish fishermen catch 200 000 tons of fish in our seas. This is enough to feed the entire population, but it doesn’t. The global distribution chains that surround our internationalised market have made it more profitable to export locally caught fish, often for fishmeal, while simultaneously buying imported fish from all over the world.
In the exhibition “The Intermediary Chains” the artists reflect on the role of intermediaries in society, why we can no longer meet without them and what it would take to feed the multitude with the fish at hand.”


© Steidl

This set includes:
Fäldt, Thobias
Year One

At the beginning of 2006, I had the idea to hold back 50 copies of each Steidl book to be made in the coming years, a little like how winemakers put aside their fi nest vintages for future release. Since then I’ve continued the tradition, carefully tucking away these book bottles, waiting for the right moment to release them all together to the light of day.That moment has now come. I hope individuals and institutions all over the world enjoy savoring the diff erent fl avors of these books, the yield of 15 years. There are just 50 sets to be had; when they’re gone, the Steidl cellar is empty again. But remember: the best is yet to come.

Gerhard Steidl

Gerhard Steidl (ed.)Steidl Book Culture, 2006–2020
50 sets available
Contains all Steidl publications between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2020

Packed in seaworthy cardboard containers on Euro pallets, ready for transport by air, sea, road or railEx-works Göttingen, freight costs not included
€ 30,000.00 / £ 25,000.00 / US$ 35,000.00
ISBN 978-3-95829-769-2





© Verk

Vi måste prata om fotobokens framtid – nu
TEXT: NICLAS ÖSTLIND i nya numret av VERK tidskrift



© HDK-Valand

✖️UGot Distance✖️
Online Degree Show 2020.
Fine Art Photography, HDK-Valand.

During the academic semester in the spring of 2020, Klara is the course director and lecturer for both the second year Master students and second year Bachelor students in Photography at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University.

“UGot Distance is this year’s degree show in photography from HDK-Valand. The exhibition consists of a visual part as well as in-depth text works on the website ugotphotography.se. In the current situation, where we have to keep a social distance, artworks intended for a physical exhibition have transformed and new ways of presentation have been considered. Students from BA3 and MA2 have taken the exhibition space into a digital world, letting more people get a chance to see it.”

Online launch on May 15. 


© HDK-Valand

Group Web Exhibition
HDK-Valand second year photography

During the academic semester in the spring of 2020, Klara is the course director and lecturer for both the second year Master students and second year Bachelor students in Photography at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University.

As the title suggests, being an artist in the current circumstances is a cause for confusion; all of the works in the exhibition have been produced or adapted during this time of ‘error’. Opposing the traditional conventions of the ‘white cube’, Error2020 is an explorative space where art meets in collaboration with the digital world, to try and make sense of uncertainty. Through exploration of the digital labyrinth, please make your own narrative.

Online launch on May 15. 


© Arte Fiera

We’re part of Arte Fiera in Bologna. In the Photography and Moving Images section, you find us at MLZ Art Dep in great company of Discipula and The Cool Couple.


© The Icelandic Photography Festival

The book The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want are part of The Icelandic Photography Festival, 16-19 january 2020.


© Carl Johan Erikson and Björn Larsson

Guidance for Investigators (Handledning för utredningsmän)

Book launch, conversation and exhibition

On 21 November 2019 at 18:00, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt invite Carl Johan Erikson and Björn Larsson to launch and present the book Guidance for Investigators at FG2 in Gothenburg.

In conjunction with the book launch, the video installation Interviews: Violence Against People will be shown.

About the book

Carl Johan Erikson and Björn Larsson have compiled documents concerning assessments of applications for non-combatant military service in Sweden from 1966–1989. Guidance for Investigators is part of the reasearch project Refuse to Kill: The Stories of Conscientious Objectors.

Refuse to Kill seeks to investigate a specific segment of recent Swedish history between 1966 and 1992 through the testimonies and narratives of conscientious objectors. In other words, those who chose not to perform traditional military service, but applied for, and were granted, non-combat service. Existential questions about the conscientious objector’s movement, such as the right to invoke one’s conscience, concern the individual’s room to manoeuvre in relation to the law and rights, and still carry relevance today considering the resumption of compulsory military service. The right to conscientious objection is the main focus of the project, as well as social expectations, norms, gender structures and the logic of measurability.


© Panoramic Festival

We are part of the Le cose che si vedono in cielo exhibition at The Panoràmic Festival in Barcelona (17-27 October)


© Nihaal Faizal

Post-Photography: Histories, Geographies and Contemporary Challenges

In conjunction with the exhibition View India, shown at Landskrona Museum, Valand Academy, Hasselblad Foundation, Landskrona Foto and Lund University, arrange a public symposium.

The symposium will focus on how contemporary lens-based practices in India and elsewhere are investigating and addressing questions about local, national and global histories, social, political and environmental challenges today. The uses of archives, post-photography practices and different ways of publishing are also important issues which will be high-lighted in the symposium.

After the symposium the activities continues at FG2/Föreningsgatan 2.

The symposium is free to attend. Please register on the link below.

Lecturers: Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt, Ravi Agarwal, Rahaab Allana, Nihaal Faizal, Chinar Shan, Anisha Baid, Ram Krishna Ranjan, Tyrone Martinsson, Karl-Magnus Johansson

Date: 9/23/2019

Time: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Valand Academy, Vasagatan 50, Gothenburg

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, FG2/Föreningsgatan 2, Gothenburg


© FG2 / Museum of Yugoslavia

Museum of Yugoslavia (Radovan Cukić, Ivan Manojlović, Mirjana Slavković)
Works from the Travelling Communiqué Project

Museum of Yugoslavia (Jovana Nedeljković), Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt and Johannes Wahlström
The End of Hypocrisy: A Good Day for Bad Weather

In production with Per Nadén, Barthélémy Garcia and Fabian Reppen

FG2 presents its third exhibition at Föreningsgatan 2 in Gothenburg
Opening: Thursday 23 May at 18:00
(Jovana Nedeljković and Radovan Cukić in conversation with Niclas Östlind and participating artists)

Exhibition period: 23 May – 9 June 2019

The transdisciplinary exhibition Travelling Communiqué was first shown at the Museum of Yugoslavia (MoY) in Belgrade in the summer of 2014 and it examines the role of one of the most important photographic archives of the 20th century, the archive of the cabinet of the life-long president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), Josip Broz Tito. It was the first and most extensive project ever made taking the photographic archive of MoY as it’s point of departure including more than sixty works by forty authors from thirty-two countries created in various media: video essays, photographs, collages, photo walls, films, articles, lectures, documentary material.

The project was developed as a collective work by Armin Linke (Germany/Italy), Doreen Mende (Germany) and Milica Tomić (born in SFRY), in collaboration with the MoY team of curators (Radovan Cukić, Ivan Manojlović, Mirjana Slavković)

In May of 2019, the Travelling Communiqué exhibition will be shown in selected parts as a collaborative project between Museum of Yugoslavia and FG2.

The photographic archive of MoY encompasses the work of four photographers employed at the Cabinet of President Josip Broz Tito. Their cameras captured the activities of the former President from 1948, until his death in 1980. The Travelling Communiqué project points to the link between photographic protocols and the political network of a statesmen, or rather, the issues arising from the use of photographs as a means of legitimizing relations of (political) power. It addresses questions between photographs and political practice in socialist Yugoslavia and if a photograph then becomes an equal instrument of that political idea, on a level with political speech? The Photo Archive of Josip Broz Tito is the result of a collaboration between MoY’s curators and the Travelling Communiqué project, with the aim of offering a new way of interpreting, as well as a possible direction in analyzing the role of the photographic archive of Josip Broz Tito.

At the invitation of MoY, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt have gone through the archive in search of the one and only travel that President Tito made to Sweden. In addition to the eight journeys surveyed in the Travelling Communiqué exhibition, Källström and Fäldt explore the photographic material from the occasion when President Tito met with Prime Minister Olof Palme at Hagaparken in Stockholm in 1976. Through a comparative analysis of the photographs from Hagaparken found in the photographic archive of MoY and present time’s digital remains after the meeting, the search results extend well beyond the Cabinet’s control. The most searched-for information on the events in the park seem to concern a small incident with President Tito’s hand, an accident where his hand happens to be in the way of a closing car door. If search hits from the web are to be considered as a form of archaeological remains, the causal effect of what is left from the meeting is then a clamped limb.

In the FG2 exhibition and through the words of writer Johannes Wahlström, the injured hand in cropped format serves to ponder the strata of hypocrisy; once a theatrical act, subsequently turned into an age that finally sees its’ own end – an end that proves to be a great day to talk about the weather.

Further info:




Photography on a Postcard (POAP) takes part at Photo London Fair to offer fair-goers the chance to own a one-off edition by a world renowned photographer.

Photographers taking part this year include Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Larry Clark, Max Pinckers, Nancy Burson, Rodger Ballen, Karen Knorr, Steve McCurry, Larry Fink, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Gerry Johansson, Alison Jackson, Todd Hido

The auction runs 8th – 22nd May 2019.

All works will be exhibited at Photo London 16th – 20th May 2019


© Miss Read / Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Through the support of Iaspis, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program for Visual and Applied Artists, we (B-B-B-Books) are part of Miss Read, The Berlin Art Book Fair at Haus der Kulturen der Welt , during the weekend of 3-5 May 2019.


© Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Klara and Thobias give a lecture and individual tutorials at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

This course is a one-year full-time postgraduate course primarily for professional practitioners in the fields of art and photography. Through theory and practice, the course focuses on how to work with photographic material in relation to publications in a broad sense. Based on aspects such as democracy, activism and history, the course examines various publication strategies in an expanding field and a digital landscape.

In addition to working with the students’ independent projects, in relation to developing and preparing photographic material for publishing, teaching is conducted in the form of group seminars, individual and group tutorials, lectures and workshops. A study trip within Europe will also be arranged, including lectures, visits and meetings.

The aim of the course is that each student is able to find the most adequate way of publishing their respective photographic material. The publishing format may be a book, but the course is also open for other forms of publication in which new technologies present innovative opportunities.


© Marcus Palmqvist, Lotta Webb, B-B-B Books, Peter Hoelstad, Birgitta Forsell.

Klara in the 2019 Swedish Photo Book Award jury.
The award ceremony will take place at Rival in Stockholm on April 5th, 2019


© Valand Academy


Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt, the prolific artist duo actively involved in the contemporary photo scene, will be discussing the works presented in Rest Assured in Unknown Places, an exhibition by the students of the MA in photography programme at Valand Academy.

After the talk, instead of a discussion with “everybody talking at the same time”, let us hear one strong voice on its own. And rather than opening up for questions from the public, meet the artists individually in a speed dating format where we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Saturday December 15th, 3-5 pm
Galleri Format, Malmö




Photobooks in Sweden
February 8–March 10 2019

Published is curated by Niclas Östlind, Valand Academy, in collaboration with Elsa Modin and Louise Wolthers from the Hasselblad Foundation.


© walther könig

Book launch of PUBLISHED – the first survey of Swedish photobooks at Paris Photo Fair at Institute Suedois, Paris.
Author Niclas Östlind. Design: Greger Ulf Nilson. Cover image: Mikael Olsson.
Interviews with Anders Petersen, Carl Johan Erikson and Björn Larsson, Bruno Ehrs, Matilda Plöjel, Marie Lundquist, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt, Greger Ulf Nilson, Elsa Modin, Mikael Olsson, Helene Boström and Charlotte Ekbom.


© Fw:Books

Klara and Thobias are part of “Why exhibit? Positions on Exhibiting Photographies” (eds. Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Iris Sikking, Fw:Books, 2018)
Book launch:
Thursday, November 8th, at 7 pm at Institut finlandais / Paris.
Publisher: Fw:Books, Amsterdam
Co-publisher: The Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki
Partner: Foundation for Visual Arts, Krakow


© FG2 / Aleix Plademunt

Aleix Plademunt
Works from the Matter Project

Aleix Plademunt, Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt and Johannes Wahlström
The Swedish Matter – or the issue of the gramophone mind

In production with Per Nadén, Hanna Jacobsen and Barthélémy Garcia

FG2 presents its second exhibition at Föreningsgatan 2 in Gothenburg
Opening: Thursday 1 November at 18:00
(Aleix Plademunt in conversation with Niclas Östlind and participating artists)

Exhibition period: 1 – 14 Nov 2018

Since 2013, Barcelona based photographer Aleix Plademunt has been working on MATTER, his most extensive photographic project so far. Deriving from mater, the Latin word for mother, matter refers to the substance from which all things are made. In English, the word matter can also indicate importance or significance – something to be concerned about. Matter itself is inert, without motion, unable to reproduce. But it leads to life. The Big Bang’s radical expansion created everything. During its life cycle, an organism undergoes many changes – it grows, learns, evolves and dies – but matter always remains. Matter is a constant. It was there from the beginning and it will remain long into the future. Humans emerged from one of the most recent evolutionary alignments in space and time. We have endeavoured to dominate and transform matter. Nevertheless, evolution is such a complex process that one can easily forget that it is only possible thanks to the precise imitation of original processes. The MATTER project analyses the age-old question of existence and how it pursues our origin.

FG2 (i.e the collaborations at Föreningsgatan 2) takes the starting point in an artist’s already existing body of work and finds its way through further investigations. For the occasion of Plademunt’s visit to Gothenburg, the trees in the MATTER project form a central role. A few years ago, Plademunt visited Sweden to take a photograph of the oldest tree on earth, a small pine on Fulufjället in the county of Dalarna. The Swedish Matter is the result of bringing MATTER into a specific historical and geopolitical position, of letting matter speak through it’s bare existence. The presence of a tree, both as a physical witness and/or in the shape of a safety match, reminds us of a Swedish history inseparable from the material of which it is inscribed.


© Art Toronto

Klara and Thobias are  part of FOCUS: California together with CULT | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions (San Francisco) at Art Toronto 2018.


© Objektiv

On B-B-B-Books and FG2 at Objektiv >>


© Unseen Amsterdam

Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Discipula, Alessandro Sambini and The Cool Couple exhibit with MLZartdep during UNSEEN Photo Fair 2018.

Unseen Amsterdam


© Rohan Thapa

On This Day by Thomas Sauvin, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt are part of Activating the Archive. Curated by Alejandro Acin and Isaac Blease | PH Museum

This online exhibition is part of the current IC Visual Lab programme Activating the Archive, which has included a symposium, workshops, talks, and an upcoming artistic commission. These events have been ongoing over an eight-month period and are supported by the Arts Council of England.


© Lucy Art Recidency

As part of the expanded Lucy Art Residency events program, artists Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt will join with Void on a 5-day workshop in the Greek city of Kavala.

Photographers and lens-based artists are invited to take part in this workshop, that will be divided in 2 complimentary phases:

Phase 1 – Tutored by Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, the participants will work on researching and producing a photographic project in Kavala. Klara & Thobias will work with the selected photographers on how to approach and deal with the discrepancy of the “Visible and the Spoken”, introducing them into how to approach this concept and how to use it as a primordial soup and help new forms emerge in photographs, narratives and ideas.

Phase 2 – Tutored by the Void team, the participants will produce a book dummy from the imagery produced on the first days. The idea is to take the narratives and concepts explored with Klara & Thobias into the concrete object realm: the book. Edited, designed and bound from scratch, a dummy will be produced and presented to the public during the Lucy Art Residency Talks on the last day of the workshop.

The ultimate aim of the 5-day workshop is to span the execution of a photographic process from its seed theoretical perspective, to the concrete workmanship final form of a book making. Working on all façades of the photographic narrative: from the concepts and questions raised before the shutter is even pressed, to the sequencing and design of a publication.

Our goal is to have a group of both locals and visitors to the city, as one of the purposes of the workshop is to pair and confront distinctive views about the same subject: the attached and knowledgeable view of those who are familiar with Kavala and its stories vs. the visitors’ gaze and their new perceptions and paradigms.

Neither are true or false, right or wrong. And we believe this workshop will help to build, in a proportion of 1 + 1 = 3, the best result out of it.


© Photopaper

Thomas Sauvin, Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt
On This Day 2018
Photopaper 29|30

No History, No Problem

As long as it is not interfered with, supply and demand is a self-regulating relationship that creates balance. That is the simple idea of liberal market economies. But, in financial transactions between producers and consumers, or sellers and buyers, there are sometimes costs that are not calculated into monetary exchanges. These are known as negative externalities.
When you purchase a garment in a store, neither you nor the store pay for the pollution of rivers, stemming from cotton production or fabric treatment. Neither you nor the store pay for cleaning up the generated waste once the garment has been disposed of. Nor do either of you pay for the depletion of natural resources needed for production and transportation, or the cost of educating skilled labour. These, and many other examples of negative externality have a common denominator: privatization of profit and collectivization of costs.
Since that which is not private is often unregulated in the market economy, it is either non-existent or considered to be inherently free to be exploited. Proponents of free market economy see the problem of negative externality as a sign of insufficient freedom of the market. Issues of deforestation, water and air pollution and a general destruction of the biosphere can according to this argument be solved if all of the above are internalized into the economy and given a monetary value. If everything is private, the argument goes, then nothing can be free. If nothing is free, then nothing can be negatively externalized. Since neither our lives nor our future have a price, they are therefore free to be negatively externalized. The same goes for our history.
Much like libraries of the past, search engines are the arbiters of knowledge in the digital world, albeit functioning in a free market economy. In order to generate profit from our search for information, these engines have created a set of algorithms that per definition feed audiences with the lowest common denominator of relevance for the greatest amount of people. Paired with a self-perpetuating reinforcement. Or another way of putting it: different people can be interested in different information, but if cats are universally appealing, cats will be prominently displayed. And if there is a demand for cats, algorithms will provide with even more cats. This is the equivalent of food stores displaying candy in the most prominent shelves, expanding into other sections, and gradually replacing all other goods as the most appealing, self-reinforced, lowest common denominator amongst consumers.
While the transaction between ourselves and the arbiters of knowledge provide us with access to free information, and hefty profits for the arbiters, history bares the cost of negative externality.
But if there is no collective history, then our private knowledge of history cannot be negatively externalized. Or to paraphrase a quote without its historic recollection: no history, no problem.

—  Text by Johannes Wahlström  —

PHOTOPAPER nominated Thomas Sauvin, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt for this special issue. It has 32 pages. Images above showing selected pages.


© Thomas Sauvin / FG2

Thomas Sauvin – Works from Beijing Silvermine
Thomas Sauvin, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt – On This Day

Location: FG2 / Föreningsgatan 2, Gothenburg, Sweden
Presentation and panel discussion: Wednesday 23 May at 16:00
(Thomas Sauvin in conversation with Niclas Östlind and participating artists)
Opening: Wednesday 23 May 2018 at 18:00
Exhibition: 23 May – 13 June 2018

In May 2018, Sauvin is invited to the newly opened exhibition space FG2 in Gothenburg to show a selection of works based on the Silvermine archive. Including the meticulously carried out album “Xian / 线” among other projects such as “Until Death Do Us Part / 双喜” and “Silvermine Albums”, the exhibition forms the most extensive presentation of Sauvin’s work so far in Sweden. For this occasion, the artist has invited the founders of FG2, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt, to interact with the archive. The exhibition has found its form through a collaborative process between the three artists and Nadén Arkitektur who has produced the exhibition at Nadén Snickeri. Comprised by a selection of texts entitled “No History, No Problem” by writer Johannes Wahlström and photographs from the Beijing Silvermine, the new project “On This Day” is the result of a collaborative work starting from the idea of the ‘Silvermine archive meets Onthisday.com – ”the world’s largest historical events online database” ‘.


© Tate / B-B-B-Books

Tate has made an acquisition of the whole B-B-B-Books catalogue for their collection


© Hasselblad

Photobooks in Sweden
The Hasselblad Foundation
February 24–May 6 2018

The exhibition is part of the ongoing research project Photography in Print & Circulation, which is a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation and Valand Academy. The project will end in the autumn of 2018 with a comprehensive publication about the photobook in Sweden.

Published is curated by Niclas Östlind, Valand Academy, in collaboration with Elsa Modin and Louise Wolthers from the Hasselblad Foundation.


© MLZ-Art-Dep

Artist-in-Residence at AiR Trieste. Granted thorough Iaspis in Sweden.
AiR Trieste is an artist-in-residence program that aims at offering visual artists the opportunity to spend an amount of time in Trieste to develop projects relevant to the context or carry out research that may employ, and add value to, local resources. AiR Trieste considers the network as instrument for research and growth and the artists as agents of cultural cross-contamination. The project is curated by Francesca Lazzarini in collaboration with MLZ Art Dep and Cultural Inventory.


© Le Bal

“Édition & Surveillance”
Booksignings and talks with Thomas Mailaender (Parental Advisory), Esther Hovers (False Positives), Klara Källstrom et Thobias Fäldt (Wikiland 2 & 3) and Thomas Albdorf (General view)
Saturday 13/01 – From 4PM to 6PM at Le Bal


© El País

The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want listed by El País as one of the best books of 2017


© Le Bal

The Wikiland Project at the Surveilance Index Ehibition Compiled by Mark Ghuneim.
Le Bal, 6, Impasse de la Défense, Paris, France
2018-01-10 – 2018-01-20


The Last of The Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want chosen as one of the “personal favorites” (2017) at Lensculure:

The Last of the Lucky is an extremely elegant book with no frills. Through its masterly use of different narrative material, such as photographs, tweets, newspaper covers and so on, offers the reader a highly evocative story, full of multiple readings, reflections. Starting from a personal anecdote, the authors convey the political conflict between the island of Cuba and the neighboring American giant into a dimension that is both poetic and political. One of the most powerful books of the year.

—Ramon Pez
Creative Director and Founder, Ramon Pez Studio


© Hendrik Zeitler

Artist Talk at Fotobok Gbg in Gothenburg, coordinated by Stefan Jensen


Installation view: © CO-OP Unseen

The Wikiland Project + CO-OP Unseen 2017

Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt are part of Unseen Amsterdam 2017 and the inaugural edition of CO-OP, a space exclusively dedicated to cutting edge to artist collectives and artist-run initiatives, selected by the independent curator Lars Willumeit and Unseen Artistic Director Emilia van Lynden.

Interview with Klara and Thobias for Unseen CO-OP here:
CO-OP Insights: Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt

For the first time, they will present the third part of the Wikiland project, a work that started in 2011.

Unseen Amsterdam
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam


© Unseen

B-B-B-Books at Unseen Book Market 2017


Uncensored Books, Medphoto Festival, Rethymnon-Crete, 2017. Installation view: © Ioannis Markakis, Medphoto Festival.

Uncensored Books Venue 4: Uncensored Books. Medphoto Festival, Rethymnon-Crete, September 15-24, 2017.

Installations by: Valentina Abenavoli (Akina Books), Francesco Amorosino (self-published), Julián Barón (KWY Ediciones), Lewis Bush (dummy/Brave Books), Edmund Clark (Here Press), Thobias Fäldt / Klara Källström (B-B-B-Books), Brad Feuerhelm (Chaco Books-Veronica Fieiras), Amak Mahmoodian (ICVL Studio-Alejandro Acin / RRB Publishing), Carlos Spottorno (Astiberri Ediciones), Lorenzo Tricoli (Milo Montelli / D&Books Frederique Destribats), and Europe: An Illustrated Introduction to Migrants Jessica Murray.

Curated by Natasha Christia


© Hydra

Klara and Thobias are part of Feria De Fotolibro at Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City.


© CO-OP Unseen

Interview with Klara and Thobias for Unseen CO-OP here:
CO-OP Insights: Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt


Lars Willumeit and Klara Källström at the Framing Content seminar © Fotogalleriet

Friday, 8 September 2017, 09:00-16:00
at Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, Oslo

Alexander Carnera – writer and essayist based in Copenhagen (Moderator)
Presentation: Becoming who you are – Photography as a Way of Thinking
Klara Källström – Artist and publisher, based in Stockholm
Presentation: The Gap Between what is Visible and what is Told
Beathe C. Rønning – Artist and writer, based in Sande
Presentation: Is this Real Life?
Lars Willumeit – Curator and art educator, based in Zurich
Presentation: Imagineering – (Re-)activating the Photographic


© Framing Content

Friday, 8 September 2017, 09:00-16:00
at Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, Oslo

Alexander Carnera – writer and essayist based in Copenhagen (Moderator)
Presentation: Becoming who you are – Photography as a Way of Thinking
Klara Källström – Artist and publisher, based in Stockholm
Presentation: The Gap Between what is Visible and what is Told
Beathe C. Rønning – Artist and writer, based in Sande
Presentation: Is this Real Life?
Lars Willumeit – Curator and art educator, based in Zurich
Presentation: Imagineering – (Re-)activating the Photographic


Arles 2017 by Carlos Spottorno

Arles 2017 by Carlos Spottorno – avec Pierre Bessard, Lars Willumeit, Sebastian Arthur Hau, Rémi Coignet, Klara Källström, Eduardo Nave et Thobias Fäldt.


© Cosmos

B-B-B-Books at Cosmos Arles Books 2017


© B-B-B-Books

The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want is shortlisted for Arles Book Award 2017.


Photo: © Lucy Art Recidency

The Lucy Art Residency Public Talks that took place at the Archeological Museum of Kavala on the 17th of June.
Speakers include the artists Sylvain Couzinet Jacques, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt, Curator at FOAM Museum Kim Knoppers and Curator at TATE Shoair Mavlian.


Artist-in-Residence at The Lucy Art Residency in Kavala.


Installation view: © Courtesy Simone Sapienza

Uncensored Books Venue 2: Minimum Studio. June 15-July 16, 2017.

Installations by Valentina Abenavoli (Akina Books) Francesco Amorosino (self-published), Julián Barón (KWY Ediciones), Lewis Bush (dummy/Brave Books), Thobias Fäldt / Klara Källström (B-B-B-Books), Brad Feuerhelm (Chaco Books), Amak Mahmoodian (ICVL Studio / RRB Publishing), Christof Nuessli (Cpress) and Lorenzo Tricoli (Skinnerboox / D&Books).

Curated by Natasha Christia


Installation view: © Courtesy Simone Sapienza

Uncensored Books Venue 3: A specific on-site installation of Uncensored Books in the Botanical Garden of Palermo during the Una Marina di Libri Book Festival.
A project in collaboration with Minimum Studio, June 8-11, 2017.

Installations by Valentina Abenavoli (Akina Books) Francesco Amorosino (self-published), Julián Barón (KWY Ediciones), Lewis Bush (dummy/Brave Books), Thobias Fäldt / Klara Källström (B-B-B-Books), Brad Feuerhelm (Chaco Books), Amak Mahmoodian (ICVL Studio / RRB Publishing), Christof Nuessli (Cpress) and Lorenzo Tricoli (Skinnerboox / D&Books).

Curated by Natasha Christia



25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners is shortlisted at MAD (Multiple Art Days) book award, 2017


de la deuxième édition du prix Révélation Livre d’artiste


Photo: © Kristine Madjare / Riga Photo Month

Artist-Talk “Photography as a practice to re-imagine the world” at Self Publish Riga at K.K. fon Stricka villa .


Photo: © B-B-B-Books

11 – 14 May, opening week of Riga Photomonth 2017
K. K. fon Stricka villa, Aristida Briāna 9


An installation The Last of The Lucky/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Swedish artists Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt; an extensive exhibition featuring several photobook collections, including Facts and Clarifications and Latvian photobooks and photobook dummies curated by Evita Goze (ISSP, Latvia), books from the Balkans curated by Marina Paulenka (Organ Vida, Croatia), a collection of books by Sputnik Photos (Poland) and works by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt (B-B-B-Books, Sweden).


© Poiuyt

Klara & Thobias are part of the project POIUYT which is launched at the Galleria Michela Rizzo on May 11th in Venice during the opening weekend of the Venice Biennale 2017

POIUYT is a research platform on images that aims at spreading a critical approach towards such key language in the contemporary world through reflection, collective exchange and participation.


Signed/ 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners at Le Bal © B-B-B-Books

Launch of 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners and conversation with Rémi Coignet and Émelie Lauriola at Le Bal, March 2


Launch of 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners in Paris at Le Bal


© Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris

Artist-in-Residence at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Granted through The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm


© Verk

Störningar, text by Björn Larsson about The Last of the Lucky in verk#1 2017


© Belgrade Raw

Legat Franklin, Artist Talk, coordinated by Belgrade Raw, Belgrade, Serbia, 20 Dec 2016


© Cultural Center Magacin

The exhibition 45 Gardeners And So On by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt in collaboration with Johannes Wahlström will be open on Saturday December 17th at 19h in the cultural center Magacin u Kraljevića Marka in Belgrade.


© B-B-B-Books

Launch of 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners in Belgrade at Magacin


© Vizualizator Festival

The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Vizualizator Festival, Jugoexport, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016 – Solo Show


© Vizualizator Festival

Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt are part of Vizualizator Festival 2017


© Galleri Box

The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want



The Last of the Lucky / You Can’t Always Get What You Want



© Photo Saint-Germain

Presentation of A Beach
Photo Saint-Germain-des-Pres
Festival: 4 Nov – 20 Nov 2016

Galerie Jean-Pierre Gros
6 Bis, Rue des Saints-Pères
75007 Paris


© The Eyes Publishing

Second volume of Conversations by Rémi Coignet

A set of nearly 15 new talks between Rémi Coignet and major players in contemporary photography : Erik Kessels, Gerhard Steidl, Martin Parr, Stéphanie Solinas, Joan Fontcuberta, Patrick Faigenbaum, Aron Mörel, Akio Nagasawa, Greger Ulf Nilson, Christian Patterson, Lise Sarfati, Alec Soth, Eric Tabuchi, Bertien van Manen, Mariken Wessels, Daniel Blaufuks, Pieter Hugo, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt.


© Photo Saint-Germain

A Beach, Photo Saint Germain, Galerie Jean-Pierre Gros, Paris, France, 2016


© Nova Iskra

Artist-Talk ”Photography as a practice to re-imagine the world” at Nova Iskra in Belgrade, coordinated by Relja Bobić


A Beach at the Estonian Photographic Art Fair, © Estonian Photographic Art Fair

Swedish book exhibition at Estonian Photographic Art Fair


Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi 60A, B-building

Tallin, Estonia


Wikiland at the Swedish pavilion: The Swedish Photobook as part of Fotobokfestival Oslo 2016


Installation view: © Courtesy Organ Vida Festival

What’s this Book?

An exhibition on photobooks and multiples

Photobooks by: Toni Amengual (self-published, Spain) / Israel ARIÑO (Ediciones Anómalas, Spain) / Alessandro CALABRESE (Skinnerboox, Italy) / Federico CLAVARINO (Dalpine, Spain) / Simone DONATI (TerraProject, Italy) / Thobias FÄLDT – Klara KÄLLSTRÖM (B-B-B-Books, Sweden) / Satoshi FUJIWARA (AMANA, Japan) / Ryuichi ISHIKAWA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Luce LEBART (Poursuite, France) / Eriko KOGA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Salva LÓPEZ (Terranova, Spain) / Henrik MALMTRÖM (Kominek Books, Germany) / Daniel MAYRIT (Riot Books, Spain) / Emi NAKATA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Marco Paltrinieri (Discipula, Italy/UK) / Vicente PAREDES (This Book is True, Spain) / Eufália C. PAZ (Stephanian, Italy) / Mariela SANCARI (La Fábrica, Spain) / Thomas SAUVIN (Jiazazhi, China) / Ikuro SUZUKI (AKAAKA, Japan) / Miguel Ángel TORNERO (Editorial RM, Spain) / Lorenzo TRICOLI (Self-published, Italy) / Dragana YURISIC (Oonagh Young Gallery, Ireland).

Greta Gallery for Organ Vida Festival. Zagreb, September 13-25, 2016.

Curated by Natasha Christia


© Nova Iskra

Artist-in-Residence between September 1st to December 1st Nova Iskra in Belgrade, granted thorough Iaspis


© Fotografisk Center

Wikiland 2007-07-12 – 00:59:46 is part of the exhibition Bending the Frame based on Fred Ritchin’s book with the same title.

With the exhibition Bending the Frame Fotografisk Center focuses on documentary photography that seeks to make a difference and to set an agenda. Can photography tell us something new about the world we live in, the exhibition seems to ask. Based on the American professor Fred Ritchin’s book
Bending the Frame and in cooperation with him and the Danish photographer Tina Enghoff, Fotografisk Center has curated an exhibition that focuses on current global issues such as war, migration, racism, climate change etc. In Bending the Frame we show photography, video, film, books, and internet-based projects of international and Nordic photographers and visual artists. The exhibition includes both older and new works. The idea is to present strategies within visual art, documentary and journalistic photography, which convey other stories than the ones we often meet in conventional news media.

Runs between August 27th – October 23rd at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen as part of Denmark’s international Photo Biennale.


© Prioux & Peixoto

“Vues Choisies”, Cosmos Arles Books 2016, Prioux & Peixoto.


© Cosmos Arles Books

The Last of the Lucky at Rencontres d’Arles, Collège Mistral, Arles, France, 2016


© Cosmos Arles Books

The Last of the Lucky, B-B-B-Books for Cosmos, Arles Photo Festival 2016


© SALT Ulus

Källström and Fäldt will be among the reviewers of the Portfolio Reviews II on June 4 at SALT Ulus, organized in collaboration between SALT and Geniş Açı Project Office (GAPO).


© SALT Ankara

SALT, Artist Talk, coordinated by GAPO, Ankara, Turkey, 3 June 2016


© Hasselblad Foundation

Wikiland is part of Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography. Published by Hasselblad Foundation / Walther König


© Cecilia Hillström Gallery

The Last of the Lucky at Cecilia Hillström Gallery. May 19 – June 11.


© Kraków Photomonth Festival

Imagineering (Re)activating the Photographic, Krakow Photomonth Festival, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, Poland, 2016 – Solo Show


© Kraków Photomonth Festival

Round table at Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, coordinated by Karol Hordziej, Kraków, Poland


Opening: 15.05.2016 © Kraków Photomonth Festival

Imagineering—(Re)activating the Photographic: Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt / “Werker Magazine” / Discipula
Opening dates: 15.05−21.08.2016
Curator: Lars Willumeit
Venue: Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art
Exhibition within the framework of Kraków Photomonth Festival


© Lars Willumeit

The (Un)becomings of Photography —
On Reaggregating and Reassembling the Photographic and its Institutions
(Foundation for Visual Arts, 2016)

Lars Willumeit 2016

With contributions by: Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Paul Graham, Yann Mingard, Max Pinckers, John Tagg, Duncan Forbes, The Photocaptionist, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Discipula, Adam Mazur, Annekathrin Kohout, Iris Sikking, Werker Magazine, Sputnik Photos and #Dysturb.


© Kraków Photomonth Festival Poster

Klara and Thobias at Krakow Photomonth 2016.

“Crisis? What Crisis?!” is the main theme of the 14th edition of Krakow Photomonth, Europe’s leading photography festival. The Main Program is curated by Lars Willumeit, German curator and social anthropologist.


© Göteborgs konsthall

New series, The Last of the Lucky, Göteborgs Konsthall, April 30 – May 22.


© Kunsthal Charlottenborg

A Beach are part of the Manifolds exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg


© Lugemik

Klara and Thobias at Kunsthal Charlottenborg


© Belgrade Photography Month

WHAT’S THIS BOOK? at Kulturforum for Belgrade Photography Month. Belgrade, April 15-29, 2016

WHAT’S THIS BOOK? was a selection of some of the most relevant photobooks published between 2014 and 2016. Eclectic at heart, the exhibition displayed around twenty-five photobooks. It was accompanied by a showcase of prints and audiovisual material. Though the show should not be considered a definitive and axiomatic catalogue but rather a personal and subjective selection of favourites, its intention was to highlight a wide array of approaches, philosophies and practices in the area of international photobook production, placing at the focus of its research small independent publishers next to photographers who self-publish and distribute their printed works. The show covered diverse topics, with the aim to engage the public with the practice of publishing, while familiarizing it with the present state of the photobook that is quite indicative of tendencies in contemporary photography. At the same time, with its parallel activities (a three-hour workshop and guided tour), WHAT’S THIS BOOK created an educational forum for local artists, editors, and publishers, wherein they were able to exchange ideas and improve their strategies and projects. A guided tour and a photolovers encounter became part of the project.

Photobooks by: Toni Amengual (self-published, Spain) / Israel ARIÑO (Ediciones Anómalas, Spain) / Alessandro CALABRESE (Skinnerboox, Italy) / Federico CLAVARINO (Dalpine, Spain) / Simone DONATI (TerraProject, Italy) / Thobias FÄLDT – Klara KÄLLSTRÖM (B-B-B-Books, Sweden) / Satoshi FUJIWARA (AMANA, Japan) / Ryuichi ISHIKAWA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Luce LEBART (Poursuite, France) / Eriko KOGA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Salva LÓPEZ (Terranova, Spain) / Henrik MALMTRÖM (Kominek Books, Germany) / Daniel MAYRIT (Riot Books, Spain) / Emi NAKATA (AKAAKA, Japan) / Marco Paltrinieri (Discipula, Italy/UK) / Vicente PAREDES (This Book is True, Spain) / Eufália C. PAZ (Stephanian, Italy) / Mariela SANCARI (La Fábrica, Spain) / Thomas SAUVIN (Jiazazhi, China) / Ikuro SUZUKI (AKAAKA, Japan) / Miguel Ángel TORNERO (Editorial RM, Spain) / Lorenzo TRICOLI (Self-published, Italy) / Dragana YURISIC (Oonagh Young Gallery, Ireland).

Curated by Natasha Christia


© Marianne Lindberg De Geer, B-B-B-Books

Fotobokskväll fredag8 april på Kungl. Konsthögskolan

Föreläsningar om fotografi, böcker och skapande med Carl Johan De Geer, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt.

Carl Johan De Geer – bortom begreppen bra och dåligt. Om det vardagliga dokumenterandet och ett helt livs konstnärskap.
Klara Källström och Thobias Fäldt arbetar med fotografi, text, installation och bokutgivning. De var nyligen nominerade till Svenska Fotobokspriset 2016 med sin dubbel betitlade bok Village/Kanata.

När: Fredag 8 april, 18.00-22.00
Var: Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm



Village - Shortlisted to the Swedish Photobook Award 2016 © SFF

Conversation about Village with Kristofer Lundström at the Swedish Photobook Award 2016



Village – Shortlisted to the Swedish Photobook Award 2016


© A-Venue

Johannes Wahlström, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

Who Is Salt?
70 cm x 100 cm

The Overview Effect
18.11.15 – 05.12.15
A-venue, Kungsportsavenyen 21, Gothenburg



© Skajs

I Klara Källströms och Thobias Fäldts gemensamma arbete A Beach blir fragment av kakelplattor, funna på en badstrand i Jaffa, utgångspunkten för en berättelse med många bottnar. Strandfynden är rester av hus som tidigare funnits på platsen, men vilka har raserats och använts som fyllningsmaterial. Likt förträngda upplevelser återkommer skärvorna som en påminnelse om det som har varit. Hur platsen och husen såg ut 1880 finns skildrat i ett fotografi av fransmannen Félix Bonfils – en av flera europeiska fotografer som vid denna tid var verksamma i Mellanöstern och producerade bilder för den tidiga turistnäringen. Ett original av Bonfils bild utgör en av verkets många delar, som också rymmer en artist book med text av Johannes Wahlström, objekt, vykort och fotografier av Källström och Fäldt. Tillsammans skapar delarna en väv av referenser som synliggör hur historiens och nutidens olika lager samexisterar och bryts mot varandra.

En antikhandel är en plats där ting från andra tider och rum blir omhändertagna och finner nya ägare och sammanhang. Vad Källströms och Fäldts arbete också väcker frågor om är hur kulturella och ekonomiska värden skapas genom konstnärliga val och bearbetningar och platsen där det hela äger rum.

Curatorer: Joakim Geiger & Niclas Östlind
Onsdag den 16 september 2015 kl 17.00 – 20.00
Lördag den 19 september 2015, kl 14.00–17.00

Skajs Antikhandel, Nybrogatan 3
mikael.skaj@telia.com 0708-704498
samtal om utställningen, söndag den 27 september kl 15-16
för mer info www.skajsantikhandel.com


© Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

From the work Prospect – 2015


© Galleri Format

26.09.15 – 01.11.15
Galleri Format, Malmö

Prospect as part of the exhibition The Overview Effect at Galleri Format in Malmö. 

Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt follow up on the media depiction of the Greek crisis, continuing an ongoing project that started with Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis in 2011.

Prospect is a prequel to the work 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners that will be released in 2016.


© Aperture

Wikiland are part of the exhibition Black Mirror at Aperture Foundation

July 16– August 13 2015


B-B-B-Books at Cosmos Arles Books 2015


Village is shortlisted for Arles Book Award 2017.


© Cosmos Arles Books

B-B-B-Books at Cosmos Arles Books 2015


© Absolut Art

Jusqu’où c’est profond and The crossing place from Village at Absolute Art




© B-B-B-Books

Launch of Village in Stockholm


© Liljevalchs

Village at Liljevalchs konsthall, Greenhill Art Award, Stockholm


© Cult


February 27 – April 25, 2015
Opening Reception/Book Launch: February 27, 6–8PM

CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions
1217 B Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

CULT | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions is pleased to present Village / High Hills, an exhibition of photography and related artifacts by Stockholm-based artists Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt, on view from February 27 through April 25. For this project––whose title refers to “Kali Forno,” the alleged indigenous name for California that describes its mountainous terrain––Källström and Fäldt will conduct a site-specific photographic exploration centered around San Francisco’s Mission district, applying their characteristic methods of cultural and historical research to reveal the distinctive identity of this iconic neighborhood at a time of flux and rapid transition. In addition to twenty images from an earlier iteration of the same body of work, the exhibition will feature several photographs produced specifically for this show. Källström and Fäldt‘s practice is rooted in contemporary documentary photography, in particular the idea of the photograph as visual diary or travelogue, as well as in the belief that the subtlest cultural differences are sometimes more easily perceived from an outsider’s perspective.

For Village / High Hills, the artists take as a jumping-off point an earlier photographic series entitled Village (2014), for which they spent three months photographing sites in the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario. The opening reception of the exhibition at CULT will also celebrate the publication of an eponymic photobook produced as part of this project. With a traveler’s inquisitiveness, Källström and Fäldt captured images in diverse locations, focusing on narratives surrounding the colonization of Canada and how indigenous and imported languages have evolved over time. The artists found that the Francophone population resisted giving up their French in favor of English, while the indigenous people have been marginalized to the extent that today their language is almost completely invisible. In order to highlight and address these linguistic and cultural omissions, Källström and Fäldt chose to caption their photographs using each location’s original indigenous name, translated into colonial languages. By using the pre-colonial names, the artists sought to render visible that which has been lost in what they call “the blind spots of contemporary society.”

In Village / High Hills, Källström and Fäldt will use similar methods of cultural investigation to examine how the Mission district––and, by extension, the greater San Francisco Bay Area––has evolved over the years, and will work to unearth and explore hidden meanings by documenting, naming, and cataloguing images they will capture in an on-site exploration in the weeks prior to the opening of the exhibition. Village / High Hills will also feature a first-edition copy of Robert Frank’s seminal book Les Américans, the result of the Swiss-born photographer’s coast-to-coast journey across the United States in the 1950s. Källström and Fäldt’s work continues in Frank’s tradition of exploring the personal poetics of lived experience, and the ways in which the subjectivities of the individual subject, photographer, and viewer shape cultural meaning on a broad scale.

The photographic discourse inherent in this work is dependent upon a rich system of cultural signs and signifiers. Källström and Fäldt’s work aims to investigate and expose the symbols by which the photographic message is composed. By questioning and disassembling the medium’s traditional narrative entities and then amassing them anew, the artists aim to deepen our comprehension of the myriad ways in which we witness the world around us.


© Paris Photo

Klara and Thobias at Platform Paris Photo. Curated by Urs Stahel


© cff

Work in process: At-the-Office-notice
Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

Opening Reception: October 30, 5–8PM
Centrum för fotografi (CFF)


Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis - Shortlisted to the Swedish Photobook Award 2014

Conversation about Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis with Niclas Östlind at the Swedish Photobook Award 2014


© Pingyao International Photo Festival

September 19-September 25, 2014
Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi, Peoples Republic of China


© Anders Zorn, © Johannes Wahlström, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

Visit Kopparberg (2014)

Johannes Wahlström, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt
The work is part of the exhibition I ärlighetens namn.

Opening: Sunday, 13 September 2014, 17:00

Bolidevägen 22


© Olivier Cablat

Klara and Thobias at Cosmos Arles Books 2014

Poles & Bulls / Catalog
Curated by Olivier Cablat & Sebastian Hau.
Published by Galerie 2600
Designed by Olivier Cablat


© B-B-B-Books

Wikiland 2007-07-12-00:59:46 book release at Cosmos Arles Books 2014


© Verket

Klara Källström och Thobias Fäldt
Fotografiska Essäer 2011–2014

11 juni–6 sept

Verket has the honor of presenting an exhibition by photographers Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt. The duo works from a documentary approach with a distinct and own aesthetic. With a critical questioning and reflecting on how the world around them is presented, they turn the camera towards less obvious objects. The result is photographic essays with contemporary and historical considerations that explore the limits of photography.

The exhibition shows five series from 2011 to 2014 by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt. Throughout the projects, Källström and Fäldt also collaborate with Johannes Wahlström and the designers 1: 2: 3.

Huset Under Bron
Hammarby Slussväg 2


© Aperture Foundation

Klara and Thobias are part of The Photographer’s Playbook
Edited by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern
Published by Aperture.
“The best way to learn is by doing. The Photographer’s Playbook features photography assignments, as well as ideas, stories and anecdotes from many of the world’s most talented photographers and photography professionals. Whether you’re looking for exercises to improve your craft–alone or in a group–or you’re interested in learning more about the medium, this playful collection will inspire fresh ways of engaging with photographic process. Inside you will find advice for better shooting and editing, creative ways to start new projects, games and activities and insight into the practices of those responsible for our most iconic photographs”


© Hasselblad

Village are part of New Nordic photography : the Victor fellowships 10 year anniversary.

May 25–August 17, 2014
Hasselblad Center,


© Rollergirl

De: Stockholm ➟ Features the work of Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt, Lars Tunbjörk, Brendan Austin, Marcus Harrling, Linda Hofvander, Inka and Niclas, Björn Larsson, Hanna Ljungh, Märta Thisner and Erik Undehn

De: Stockholm ➟ is published by Rollergirl, a collaboration between two graphic designers: Amsterdam based Harry Bloch and Zürich based Jacques Borel.

Artigue Gallery, Paris. May 23-30 2014


© Riga Photomonth

Wikiland at Riga Photomonth 2014
8 May – 5 June
Riga Art Space / Riga City Exhibition Hall

Riga Photomonth 2014 offers a rich program of exhibitions, artist talks, project in urban space, portfolio review,  discussions and other activities. The thematic core of the Photomonth is the “Viewfinders. Baltic and Nordic Contemporary Photography” exhibition, running from 8 May until 5 June at Riga Art Space. The exhibition will provide an overview of the latest trends in contemporary photography in the Nordic and Baltic countries, focusing on the quest for the self in contemporary urban space. The exhibition will showcase the work of Lars Tunbjörk (Sweden), Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt (Sweden), Sara Bjarland (Finland), Marge Monko (Estonia), Paul Kuimet (Estonia), Astrid Kruse Jensen (Denmark), Marie Sjøvold (Norway), Pétur Thomsen (Icelnad), Mindaugas Ažušilis (Lithuania), Indre Šerpytyte (Lithuania), Sarah Gerats (Norway), Joachim Fleinert (Denmark), Ieva Epnere (Latvia), Ivars Gravlejs (Latvia).


© Dramalabbet

Thobias and Klara are part of the 24 hour crises festival at Dramalabbet, Stockholm, 2014.


© Alan-Dimmick

Klara and Thobias are part of 2014 Frames with A Beach, Wikiland and Russian Bang during Glasgow International Art Festival at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

Opening: Sunday 6th April 2014, 19:00

Centre for Contemporary Arts
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD
United Kingdom



© Artipelag

Wikiland are part of the book / exhibition
The visible – Swedish contemporary photography

7 february – 11 may 2014

About the book:
“This richly illustrated double-volume is published to coincide with the exhibition ‘Between Realities: Photography in Sweden 1970-2000’ in Gothenburg. The range of featured photographers, active in Sweden in recent decades, reflects the pivotal trends and changes taking place in the field, and offers a history of photography in the country told through multiple voices and by key figures from the various periods. Using carefully selected examples of work, past exhibitions, historical documents and critical analyses, it provides an exhaustive history of how various ideals, positions and trends have shaped Swedish practice, from artistic to documentary and commercial approaches.”