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On This Day is shortlisted at The Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards 2021 as 1 out of 12 entries selected for the Photo-Text Award

12 books shortlisted
[Title, photographer/author, publisher]

On This Day, Klara Kallstrom, Thobias Faldt & Thomas Sauvin, co-édition B-B-B-Books & Beijing Sivermine
How I Tried to Convince My Husband to Have Children, Olga Bushkova, Witty Books
The Parameters of Our Cage, C. Fausto Cabrera & Alec Soth, Mack
Sans lui, Sophie Calle, Atelier Exb
John Cage: A Mycological Foray, collectif, Atelier Éditions
Agata, Bieke Depoorter & Agata Korbus, Auto-Edition
Beyond the Shadows, Elsa & Johanna, Éditions H2l2
Je suis malheureuse et heureuse, Anaïs Horn, Meta/Books
How to Rejuvenate an Eagle, Adam & Dyba Lach, auto-édition
The Idiots Delight, Duane Michals, Édition Bessard
The San Quentin Project, Nigel Poor, Aperture Foundation
Unprofessional, Matilde Soes Rasmussen, Disko Bay

”Each book submitted is deposited in the library of the École nationale supérieure de la photographie d’Arles. The shortlist is presented to the public in a dedicated place throughout the festival and the Book Award winners are announced during opening week.”