Moment 1
HDK-Valand, Hasselblad and GPS400: Centre for Collaborative Visual Research; in collaboration with Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt

Film screening: Bio Valand
10:00–11:30 AM Myglaren (The Grifter, 1966).
11:45 AM–12:45 PM Göteborg – Hjärtpunkt i Norden (Gothenburg: Heart of the Nordic Region, 1964), Som ringar på vattnet (Like Rings on Water, 1965) and A Place to Live (1967).
Exhibition, lectures and conversations: FG2
1:45 –2:00 PM Niclas Östlind: “Moment: An Introduction”.
2:00–2:30 PM Erik Florin Persson: “Urban Planning and the Welfare State: Swedish Commercial Film About 1965”.
2:30–3:15 PM Anders Dahlgren: “Urban Planning in the Record Years: Future Optimism and Planned Development”.
3.15–3.45 PM Intermission and Archival Interlude 1, Andreas Hagström: “The Truly Physical Meeting With an Archive on the Way Being Burnt – Or How I Saved Rune Hassner’s Clip Archive.”
3:45–4:30 PM Per Vesterlund: “The Case of Myglaren: At the Intersection of Film, Television and Politics in 1966”.
4:30–5:15 PM Annika Olsson: “The Role of Documentary Film in the People’s Home Era: Jan Myrdal and Gun Kessle’s report books”.
5:15–6.00 PM Andreas Gedin: “Christer Strömholm and Nazism”.
6.00–6.30 PM Intermission and Archival Interlude 2, Karl-Magnus Johansson: “Clip Archives as Systems of Knowledge during the Post War Era.”
6:30–7:15 PM Conversation with the Speakers. Moderator: Mats Jönsson